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News & Reviews

Date Category Title Source
October 10, 2014 Review A fascinating journey, extremely entertaining Sorcerer's Place
June 20, 2013 Coverage Junction Point worked on some "Half-Life stuff" at some point VG24/7
June 20, 2013 Coverage Warren Spector Admits To Working On "Half-Life Stuff" The Escapist
June 20, 2013 Coverage Warren Spector's Half-Life Work... Plus Other Gaming Mysteries, Secrets Kotaku
February 8, 2013 Coverage Press Startup: Rubin, Spector and Others Talk Business in Gamers at Work Forbes
September 16, 2012 Review A unique window; This is a book you will want to read Terra Arcanum
September 12, 2012 Review Fascinating, bare-all, and insightful The Video Game Archive
August 20, 2012 Review Recommended, interesting, and candid Kidscreen
August 2, 2012 Review Historical, surprisingly personal, and inspiring VentureBeat
August 1, 2012 Review [Japanese] Interesting, exhilarating, and conversational DevCafeJp
July 1, 2012 Review Unique, fascinating—this is a book you should read Entertainment Focus
June 29, 2012 Coverage Crash Bandicoot could return Arabic Gamers
June 28, 2012 Coverage Naughty Dog cofounder hopeful for return of Crash Bandicoot Virgin Media
June 27, 2012 Coverage Excerpt: The Rise of Naughty Dog - Part 2
June 26, 2012 Coverage [Italian] Crash Bandicoot è nato come mascotte Sony Eurogamer
June 26, 2012 Coverage [Spanish] Naughty Dog creó a Crash Bandicoot para que fuera la mascota de PlayStation Vandal Online
June 26, 2012 Coverage Rubin Discusses Crash Bandicoot's Origins PlayStation Lifestyle
June 26, 2012 Coverage Crash Bandicoot was born from Sony's need of a mascot VG24/7
June 26, 2012 Coverage Why Crash Bandicoot Was A PlayStation Exclusive Beefjack
June 25, 2012 Coverage Excerpt: The Rise of Naughty Dog - Part 1
June 11, 2012 Interview Ramsay talks about the video-game industry as a walled garden The Armchair Writer
June 4, 2012 Review Fascinating, a book about our rockstars darkzero
June 3, 2012 Interview Ramsay talks about why startups continue to struggle San Diego Union-Tribune
May 29, 2012 Review [Italian] Molto interessante, indispensabile Programmazione
May 28, 2012 Review Like a late-night talk show, a must read +10 Damage
May 27, 2012 Review Perfectly Laudable Advice, A Very Engaging Record RPG Codex
May 27, 2012 Review Unparalleled, A Wealth of Information Brutal Gamer
May 25, 2012 Review Sheds Light On The Business Of Video Games GAMElitist
May 22, 2012 Review A Great Book with Great Advice Organized Remains
May 13, 2012 Review Digs deep, a Bible for the video-game industry Proven Gamer
May 6, 2012 Review A solid buy, highly entertaining Ultra Mega Cyborg
May 1, 2012 Review Entertaining, a great chronicle of video-game history The Armchair Writer
April 25, 2012 Review Undeniably inspiring, an invaluable resource Wii Love It
April 25, 2012 Interview Ramsay talks about the challenges of entrepreneurship Wii Love It
April 23, 2012 Coverage Excerpt: Positive video game press through viral "opinion leadership" Gamasutra
April 10, 2012 Review Gamers at Work is most certainly a book to read Wanderson75
April 9, 2012 Review Doesn't pull any punches, lean on filler Epic Slash
April 5, 2012 Review Never less than entertaining, a unique take 7outof10
March 30, 2012 Review Highly recommended, Gamers at Work comes alive
March 26, 2012 Interview Ramsay talks about building successful video-game companies
March 23, 2012 Review A herculean endeavor, not long enough Warp Zoned
March 22, 2012 Review A must read, excellent insight into game development Pixel Scribes
March 20, 2012 Review Interesting and fun for a broad audience, a must buy
March 18, 2012 Review An inspiring, fascinating, and enlightening cover-to-cover read Digitally Downloaded
March 18, 2012 Review Gamers at Work is a solid history, fun and rewarding North County Times
March 13, 2012 Interview Ramsay talks about his new book Gamers at Work Xbox Edge
March 12, 2012 Review Put Gamers at Work on your wishlist Gamers Daily News
March 9, 2012 Review An enjoyable read, never feels canned
February 22, 2012 Third Party News Release Game Creator Tony Goodman Reflects On Age Of Empires In New Book, Prepares For Next Chapter PeopleFun
February 9, 2012 News Release Gamers at Work: Apress' New Title Gives An Inside look Into the Game Industry and What Drives Its Masterminds Apress
February 9, 2012 Coverage Gamers at Work Book Released Worldwide Gamer Gaia
February 9, 2012 Coverage Gamers At Work book released Warp Zoned
February 8, 2012 Coverage Gamers at Work: Stories Behind the Games People Play Book Released Game Politics
February 8, 2012 Coverage EA, Atari Founders Unite for Gamers At Work Kotaku
February 8, 2012 News Release Hawkins, Bushnell, and Other Video Game Industry Leaders Tell Their Stories In New Book Available In Stores Worldwide Entertainment Media Council

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