Gamers at Work: Stories Behind the Games People Play features interviews with 18 entrepreneurs and CEOs:

Foreword by Peter Molyneux OBEFounder, Lionhead Studios
Tim CainCofounder, Troika Games

Lorne LanningCofounder, Oddworld Inhabitants
Free Chapter Trip HawkinsFounder, Electronic Arts
Warren SpectorFounder, Junction Point Studios

Chris UlmCofounder, Appy Entertainment
Nolan BushnellCofounder, Atari Doug & Gary CarlstonCofounders, Brøderbund Software Tobi SaulnierFounder, 1st Playable Productions
Wild Bill StealeyCofounder, MicroProse Software Don DaglowFounder, Stormfront Studios Christopher WeaverFounder, Bethesda Softworks
Gamasutra ExcerptTony GoodmanCofounder, Ensemble Studios
John SmedleyCofounder, Verant Interactive ExcerptJason RubinCofounder, Naughty Dog
Feargus UrquhartCofounder, Obsidian Entertainment Ken WilliamsCofounder, Sierra On-Line Ted PriceFounder, Insomniac Games

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