In Gamers at Work: Stories Behind the Games People Play, serial entrepreneur Morgan Ramsay interviews 18 of the world's most successful founders of video-game companies about their earliest days to where they are now. Along the way, the history of the video-game industry is revealed through entertaining stories, humorous anecdotes, and lessons learned the hard way.

"Gamers at Work is a critical resource for new and experienced business leaders—for anyone who feels unprepared for the demanding and seemingly insurmountable trials ahead of them."
—Peter Molyneux OBE, founder, Lionhead Studios

"Gamers at Work explores every imaginable subtlety of the video-game industry through the fascinating stories of those who took the risks and reaped the rewards."
—Hal Halpin, president, Entertainment Consumers Association

"I couldn't have dreamed of ever getting the amount of advice that is contained within this book."
—Josh Fairhurst, cofounder, Mighty Rabbit Studios

"An often historical and surprisingly personal look into how some of gaming's largest companies started, Gamers at Work is an inspiring look at how to start, leave, and rebuild companies."